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Quick Tax Saving Tips for Salaried Individuals

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Penalties Under IRS

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All About Registered Agent

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Online Company Registration Services in India/USA



Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, there are no restrictions on foreign ownership of a company formed in the United States. The procedure for a foreign citizen to form a company in the US is the same as for a US resident. It is not necessary to be a US citizen or to have a green card to own a corporation or LLC.
Not without proper documentation. Being a director, as well as a shareholder, of a US corporation is allowed without a visa, but being an officer and performing your duties within the US is generally not allowed. Working for your corporation or LLC within the US without a valid work visa is not allowed and punishable with some significant fines and possible deportation.
You don’t need to be a US citizen to own a US business. You don’t even have to step foot in the US to own an LLC or corporation, but you’re not allowed to work without a valid visa. If you want to work for the business you own, you’ll need to obtain a visa.
Processing times vary by state. Usually you’re looking at between two days to two weeks depending on if you pay for expedited processing. It should be noted that processing times also change depending on how backed up the Secretary of State offices are.

While applying for online company registration services in India, you must first select a favorable business structure and an appropriate business name for yourself, as a carefully examined business structure only provides you benefits, profits and an increased customer base in the long run.
A company is the most valuable and trusted business structure in India. A Private Limited Company in India is registered under the Companies Act 2013 with limited liability.
Company Registration is regulated by The Companies Act, 2013, and administered by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs Registrar of Companies, and processed at the Central Registration Centre (CRC).
The Tax Planet provides you cost – effective and profound start – up registrations. Whilst employing our E-lawyering technology, we provide you hassle- free and quick company registrations for both start-ups and LLP. We work with you since the very beginning stages from company formation, business accounting services till ROC Compliances.
Company Registration and formation is an entirely online process with The Tax Planet, providing answers to all your registration related queries, we make online company registration an undisturbed and relaxed process.

Get your company registered today using the advancements of Artificial Intelligence whilst implementing the E-lawyering services from The Tax Planet.