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Private Limited Company Registration

A private limited company is a type of private organization owned by small and medium business entrepreneurs. With a Private Company Registration, you can access benefits such as limited owner’s  liability based on the share capital. Private Limited Company also limits the number of shareholders up to 200. Private Limited Company registration . . .

separate legal entity, easy transferability, and an enhanced borrowing capacity with uninterrupted existence. Though it provides limited liability and owning. With our private limited registration services, you can unleash the advantages of limited financial liability on your business. Not just the owners but all the shareholders can enjoy limited liability up to their shares. Registering your business as a private limited company would allow you to mitigate the financial risks in the period of insolvency and closing the company. You and your shareholders don’t have to sell your personal belongings in order to bear the loss. The Tax Planet offers you complete support and hand holding in setting up your business right from the moment you get in touch with us for your requirements till the business is legally formed.

One Person Company Registration

One-person company registration (OPC) is ideal for startups owned by single individuals. OPC provides all the benefits of a Private Limited Company including the limited liability on the shareholders. OPC model is certainly one of the most simple yet profitable models in the world . . . 

With an adequate amount of beneficial features, this model suffices your company’s registration with the utmost ease. All you have to do is choose 2 directors and begin your registration process with The Tax Planet. We help you with OPC registration in the most facile way involving minimal documentation and streamlined process. Our registration service would help you get an exclusive understanding of the model and further consult the plus points to harness its complete potential. Our registration service at The Tax Planet would equip you with real-time updates and compliance support in the legal process. We also deliver accounting services along with legal consultation for your One-Person Company registration.

Public Limited Company Registration

Getting registered for a Public Limited Company enables you to combine the efforts and resources of multiple members and shareholders. In this model, you will have the opportunity to sell your shares openly and integrate exclusive transparency towards your shareholder lenders, bankers, and creditors.

Your organization needs to have a minimum of 7 members along with 3 directors to get registered as a Public Limited Company.
After registration, The Tax Planet delivers real-time insights and compliance support to execute end to end services.
With a reasonably priced accounting and legal consultation system, our services are error-free and value-oriented.
You can have better access to capital such as in raising share capital among new or existing investors. Getting our Public Limited Company registration is the best step to have a hassle-free registration process.

Partnership Registration

Partnership Registration is a kind of business in which two or more people share ownership of a business.It also indicates the share of the responsibilities in managing the organization and dealing with concerns like distribution of profit or loss.Partnership Firm allows you to have minimal legal compliance and processing as it’s quite easy to set up and run.

Also, you are not bound to get it registered, however, you are always recommended to do so in order to avert the situations of disputes and legal consequences arising because of those disputes. Having a partnership agreement is the best way to highlight all the aspects of the firm and further reduce the possibilities of disagreements in the future. The partnership provides collaboration, flexibility, a simple operating structure, capital acquisition, and tax advantages with an easy operating structure. With The Tax Planet, you will have the option to get your partnership firm registered at the most affordable pricing. We make the process compliant to the legal requirements and hence deliver absolute efficiency to your business.

Food License Registration

Does your business deals in food products and services? Well, then having the Food License is not just a formality but a necessity. The Tax Planet allows you to get registered with the FSSAI for your food licence business and show the level of sincerity and flavour you put in your food to your clients and customers.

With FSSAI Food license registration, you will be confidently able to prove and justify the quality of food as per the set standards. It ensures the levels of safety that provide satisfaction to the consumers,the ultimate aim of almost every food business. FSSAI logo on your eatable products would help you harness advantages like consumer confidence, public awareness, expansion and legal compliance aids. Individuals need to know that you care about their safety and take efforts at each level to ensure the quality and health of your consumers. Having this license would make your brand reliable and suited for the global market. We help you deploy the most simple process to get the license and further avail its benefits.

TDS Returns

TDS Return is a kind of statement that is necessary to submit to the department of Income Tax by all TAN ( Tax Deduction Account Number) holders Being a deductor, you have to compulsorily submit TDS Returns quarterly in order to conduct your business efficiently. TDS/TCS return is a legal filing that is required in India according to the Income Tax Act 1961.

If your business requires to deduct the TDS under the Income Tax act, then you are required to have TDS registration. TDS returns are submitted after making deductions and then submit it to the government by filing TDS returns. You can enjoy many advantages of timely TDS return filing which includes saving on the penalty and prevention on disallowance concerning the expense. The Tax Planet allows you to file the TDS return with utmost convenience. With our services, you will be able to save your interests. We help you meet the legal requirements of TDS Returns preparation and submission in a smooth and hassle free manner.

Limited Liability Partnership Registration

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Proprietorship Registration

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Partnership Registration

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