ROC Compliances

ROC Filing

The Tax Planet is an expert in helping you with government compliances including ROC filings. ROC filings are the compliances that need to be completed by each company as per the Companies Act 2013 It is necessary to notify ROC regarding Assets , Liabilities , Income and expenditure of each company. You need to inform the ROC about company meetings, shareholder meetings  and any other changes which happened in the financial year . 

In case of non-filing or inability to file such information, companies may incur heavy penalties. There are many types of forms concerning ROC filings as listed below: ADT-1: This is essential for the appointment of an auditor. AOC-4: The financial statements of the company has to be filed with the help of this form. MGT-7: It is known as the annual return of a company and includes comprehensive details about the companies directors , shareholders, meetings etc. The Tax Planet fosters a cost-effective approach to execute your ROC filings. We make the process of preparing documents and processing quite simple and quick. Get our services to prevent any loss due to non-compliance of legal requirements.

Director’s e KYC

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has made it mandatory to file the Director KYC (DIR 3 KYC) for every Director or partner before the due date every year In case you fail to file it timely you have to pay the penalty of Rs 5000. You are required to file the   KYC for the Disqualified Directors as well.

MCA systems can automatically deactivate the DINs for which this form is not filed. DIR KYC Certification is mandatory for all the directors of your company and The Tax Planet understands this well. We help you file DIR KYC with the help of Directors owned DSC i.e  Digital Signature. We help you get it certified by the professionals such as a Company Secretary, Chartered Accountant, or Cost Accountant. The Tax Planet has expertise and experience to deliver absolute solutions for DIR KYC registration and filing.

Address Change of Company

There might be a situation where the company needs to change the registered address of the company. Any change in the Registered Address of Company has to be intimated to the Registrar of Companies by filing appropriate form. The form needs to be filed within 15 days of the address change.

If the new address is in a different state , then the approval of Regional Director of ROC is required. The Tax Planet helps you to manage the process effectively in both the conditions. Our experts will take care of the procedures without any hassle and error in the process or documentation. Essential changes that are expected must be done in letterheads, records, books, and in other documents of the company. We recommend you to have a new and common seal to adopt for the company. We make your address change process and adoption on the documents facile and cost-effective.

Name Change of LLP

An LLP that is registered within India can change its name with the new name. It can be done by the consent of existing partners & designated partners. Limited Liability Partnership can change the name because of some personal reasons, business reasons, or due to any other reason as per the directions of the Central Government.

The proposed new name  be first verified to check if it is available. After that, an application regarding the Reservation of Unique Name (RUN) should be filed with MCA. Then after the approval of the name, the applicant is further expected to file Form 5 to intimate the registrar concerning the change of the name. The Certified consent copy has to be given through the partners in order to apply for a new name with LLP. A copy of the supplementary agreement of existing LLP is also required. The entire process may sound simple but is quite tiring and complex. At The Tax Planet, we help you perform all the procedures with ultimate ease and convenience.

Address Change of LLP

LLP must have a registered address to receive important notice and information from several authorities. In case you are planning to change the address of your LLP business, then The Tax Planet  is there to help you out with the process. We enable any LLP to change its registered place to a new place in the previous state or to any other state by  filing  requisite Form 15. 

LLP Form 3 is required to file the consent of creators or partners as per law. Form 15 & Form LLP 3 is required to be  filed with the concerned ROC within 30 days of the resolution. The documents to be uploaded with the form are

  1. The consent of partners
  2. LLP agreement
  3. Signed NOC
  4. Latest utility bill reflecting the new address.

At, we have experts, who put efforts in executing the address change procedure as per the required legal format.  

Partners Change

A new partner can also be introduced in an LLP to enhance the capital of the business. It can also be done to become eligible to avail the benefits provided by the new partners in terms of professional services. Legal partners change procedure may happen when the management gets changed amongst the partners and other designated partners.

You have to take consent from all new partners and/ or the existing partners according to the prior schedule of the LLP Act. A supplementary agreement is also required to be executed. An individual is not eligible to become a partner of LLP if he or she is found to be of unsound mind by the Court of jurisdiction. If he or she is an  undischarged insolvent or have applied for an adjudicated insolvent and their application is on pending, then too he/she is not eligible for entering into the partnership agreement. Being experts,   helps you to perform the process of partners change according to various factors and concerns. While assessing all the elements of your business, we make the process quick and error-free.

Increase Contribution of LLP

The partners might need to introduce further capital to run and build the organization in the form of tangible, intangible property and contracts for the services. The capital contribution may be increased in order to expand the business activities and organization’s reach in the market. It is also necessary while introducing a new partner.

In case of increase in contribution the LLP agreement needs to be amended. The new profit sharing ratio among the partners also needs to be reworked. The amended LLP Agreement has to be filed with the ROC to make the Contribution increase effective and law compliant. has an expert team of accountants and legal experts, who help you carry out the process effectively.

Directors Change

Addition of Director– Whenever any company appoints a new director, they need to take approval from shareholders of the organization in the General Meeting. After resolution gets passed in the meeting, the organization is required  to inform  the ROC about the appointment of the Director in Form DIR-12 within a period of 30 days of his/her appointment

For appointment of any person as Director his Digital Signature  (DSC) and Director Identification Number (DIN) is required.

Removal of Director-The director of any company may also resign from its post of directorship in the company by providing his/her resignation letter. After the director has given the resignation letter to the company, the company is  expected the to intimate the resignation of Director  to MCA in 30 days. The requisite form for this intimation is DIR 12. In order to complete the entire process of filing the requisite forms with the ROC,  provides services to reduce your efforts and time in filing these forms. Our experts have an accurate understanding of this process and hence you don’t have to worry about any omissions or errors in the process. We ensure your compliance to the fullest.