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Income Tax Returns for NRI

Income Tax Return is mandatory as per the Income Tax Act 1961. Though it’s an intricate as well as tiring process, you don’t have to worry about the process. We help you release the stress with our expert services for filing Income Tax Return. 

We begin our process by creating your E-Filing account to manage your Income Tax returns. From documentation to processing, The Tax Planet helps you to execute the Income Tax returns seamlessly.

We perform Income Tax filing through 26AS ,16/16A and by referring to your international sources of income. Your income tax return states the income earned by you during the respective financial year. It is of utmost importance that correct income is reported in IT return so as to avoid Tax notices. We help you to adhere to all the legal aspects accurately.

We have a separate team which caters to the Tax Compliances in India for NRI’s . We can help you in claiming Tax Credit for taxes paid in other country thereby reducing your tax burden.

We help you avert all the penalties that might arise due to delay in  payment of the Income Tax or filing of Income Tax Return by giving you reminders before the due dates.

Our affordable income Tax return filing solutions will help you save a lot of money and make you Tax compliant.

Income Tax Return Individual Resident

Filing Income Tax Return is a legal requirement according to Income Tax Act 1961. Every private, domestic, foreign, public organization is required to file the above statement.

The Tax Planet helps you file this document in order to adhere to the prescribed legal requirements.

This document is required to be filed when the total income of any individual exceeds the exemption limits.

Income Tax Return compliance is required to be done by everyone earning beyond the exemption limit including Not for Profit organisations.  There are multiple benefits of filing Income Tax Returns. They are as follows

  • Income Tax refund can be claimed only through Income Tax Return filing
  • Losses can be carried forward by filing Income Tax Returns timely
  • Makes you a law abiding and tax compliant citizen
  • Acts as an Income proof while applying for Bank loans
  • Acts as an Income proof while applying for VISA

The Tax Planet helps you to manage all the aspects effectively by providing you professional Income Tax Filing services.

15CA and 15CB Certificate

15CA and 15CB   certificate is required to be submitted to the Income Tax Department when payment is being remitted outside India. It is mandatory to submit 15 CA and 15CB to the remitter bank.

15 CA is declaration by the remitter . It contains the details of the remitter , payee and the specific tranasaction/invoice for which the payment is being made.

15 CB is the declaration by a Chartered Accountant confirming that applicable Income Tax has been deducted while making payment to the Non Resident.

There are fines for non filing of 15CA-15CB. The Tax Planet’s professional team supports you to file the 15CA and 15CB certificate  timely and with accurately.  

We recommend you to fill the form timely as in case of non-filing, the penalty amount can reach upto Rupees one lakh for each default of non-filing forms 15CA/CB.

You have the option to withdraw the form 15CA before payment. The form 15CA allows you to withdraw the online form within seven days of its submission. The withdrawal of the form 15CA is available only before payment.

With The Tax Planet, you will be able to assess all the elements of this certificate and compete the filing easily.

Income Tax Return of Companies

Every year, each organization has to file their Income Tax Return to the Department of Income Tax.

The companies are required to notify their Income , Expenditure and other important details of their business to the Income Tax Department for being compliant under the Income Tax Act.

The due date for Filing ITR of Companies is the 30th September of each year.

The Tax Planet helps you file the income tax return for the companies by including all the intricate details of the company.  

The department has specified ITR 6 form for submitting Income Tax Return of companies. It contains 59 voluminous schedules which require expertise in filling them

Our professional and well experienced team will file the Income Tax Return of your company so that you don’t miss on any important information and can also avail the benefits of Income tax exemptions at the same time.

Our cost-effective solutions will help you get expert solutions for filing income tax returns.