Trademark Registrations

Trademark Application

Trademark is a mark that signifies the authenticity of a product and its standards. It can distinguish goods and services from one brand to another. Trademarks are even used in order to protect consumers. You have to maintain your reputation due to which you have to work hard to give quality products and services.

Trademarks enable businesses to create an identity along with a reputation among their customers. This facility provides consumers to have an informed idea about their buying decision in order to avoid any kind of fraud. Trademarks are of three types such as word mark, design mark, distinguishing mark. The trademark may be in the form of a symbol, a word, a slogan, or a logo that is unique and distinctive for your services and goods. If you feel like your product or brand is significantly distinct and unique, you can contact   for availing our expert services. We help you to get your trademark registered  most effectively and quickly as per the required process in the Trademark Act. 

Import Export Code IEC

Cross-selling products and services by crossing domestic boundaries is called Import/Export. It is necessary to obtain the Import Export Code (IEC) prior to importing & exporting the services and goods from India. IEC code is a unique 10 digit code issued by the Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) offers exclusive registration facilities for your IEC registration that includes end to end support to make the process simple and value-driven. You will be capable of buying and selling goods across the world with no filing for returns. IEC is a one-time requirement that will allow you to expand your business and services outside of India for a lifetime. Our experts adopt a streamlined approach to execute the registration of your IE code and further assist your business to gain international reach.